Road Naming and Name Changes

Name Change Application

  • The new name cannot duplicate an existing road name within Rapides Parish.

    • For assistance or name availability please call.

  • The new name must be less than 15 characters.

  • All Residents will have to complete a change of address package with the post office if they get home delivery.

  • The fee must be paid at time of application submittal.  The fee is refunded if the request is denied ($25 processing fee is deducted).

  • A petition of 75% of the property owners on such road is required, demonstrating a majority agreement on the road.  Signatures will be randomly verified.  If one signature is discovered false, the application will be denied.

  • The Planning Commission will review the application and make a recommendation of approval or disapproval to the Rapides Parish Police Jury.

Private Road Names

Private Road sign application

  • All private roads must access three or more residential structures or unless specifically authorized by RAPC

  • The selected name of the private road cannot duplicate and existing road names in Rapides Parish

  • All residents on the private road must be addressed on that road for 911 purposes

  • A drawing showing the length and width of the private road must be attached to the application

  • A $125.00 fee must be submitted with the application

  • The staff will review the request and if approval is granted, send a written request to the Public Works Director requesting a sign be placed.