Obtaining a Permit

Anyone outside the municipal limits within Rapides Parish who is planning any type of construction, moving a manufactured home or any other structure on their property, adding on or remodeling, needs to obtain a permit.

Permit Application

The permit application now is able to be filled out online and printed out to bring to the Planning Commission. You must have Adobe Reader DC to be able to fill out the form. Click on permit application. At the top it will give you the message "This PDF document contains forms. This filling of form fields is not supported." "Open with different viewer." Click "Open with different Viewer." and either save the file or open it in Adobe Reader. Once you are there you will be able to fill out all the information you know and print it out to bring to the Rapides Area Planning Commission.

  1. You must first have a valid Municipal 911 Address
    1. Addressing Department
      1. Address confirmation or assignment
  2. New Construction / Remodel / Accessory
    1. Permit Application
      1. Residential
        1. Step order
        2. Inspection Guidelines
        3. Minimum Plan Requirements
      2. Manufactured Home
        1. Inspection Guidelines
        2. New MH Site Preparation
        3. Used MH Site Preparation
        4. Plumbing Code
          1. Inspection Videos Available
            1. Electrical Inspection
            2. Sewer Hookup
            3. AC Unit
      1. Commercial
        1. Step Order
        2. Inspection Guidelines
        3. Plan Review
        4. Electrical Plan Review
        5. Plumbing Plan Review
        6. Commercial Remodel Fee Caculator (Requires Microsoft Excel)
      1. Fees Schedules
        1. Residential and Commercial
        2. Commercial Plan Review
    1. Trade Permits
      1. Electrical
      2. Mechanical
      3. Plumbing

Licensing and certifications

Home Improvement Registration: The Louisiana Legislature enacted Act No. 1146 which requires all residential improvement contractors who perform work on a residence in an amount of $7,500 and above to register with the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors. If there are questions concerning this matter, please contact Ms. Bertha Jenkins, Supervisor of the Residential Licensing Division at (225-765-2301)

Licensing: The Louisiana Legislature enacted Act 724 which requires that the building permit applicant produce proof that he possesses an active, applicable contractor’s license, or that the proposed building activity is exempt from such licensure. If claiming an exemption for residential construction, the applicant must execute an affidavit attesting to the claimed exemption on a form provided by the Licensing Board. If there are questions concerning this matter, please contact Charles G. Marceaux, Executive Director at (225-765-2601, ext 221)

For more information on licensing and registration through the State Contractors Board, please visit

Have you obtained your certification through the Department of Revenue? For further information, visit