: LRTP 2040 was recently adopted on September 20, 2016 following the public comment period September 2 through September 15, 2016. No comments were received.

Long Range Transportation Plan 2040

The Long Range Transportation Plan or LRTP 2040 is a blueprint that guides transportation development over the next generation. The document is a federal requirement for all urban areas with a population over 50,000. The Alexandria-Pineville metro area serves a population of approximately 107,630.


LRTP Cover Page  LRTP Table of Contents  LRTP Contract Page
Chapter 1
Introduction & Transportation Planning Process
Chapter 2
Plan Development Process
Chapter 3Visioning &  Performance Measures Chapter 4 Demographics
Chapter 5Street & Highways Chapter 6Public Transits

Chapter 7Bike & Pedestrian
Chapter 8
Regional Safety & Security
Chapter 9Freight Chapter 10 Environmental Mitigation
Chapter 11
 Financial Analysis & Fiscal Restraint
Chapter 12
Phased Improvements



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