The goal of the Central Louisiana Safety Coalition is to reduce the number of traffic related fatalities and serious injuries by developing and implementing a regional safety action plan that focuses on the specific problems and issues facing the Central Region.


One person dies every 16 minutes in a traffic crash in the United States. Over the course of a lifetime, nearly every U.S. resident is touched by consequences of traffic crashes. Toward Zero Deaths is the United States’ highway safety vision.


Zero is not impossible, but it will take all of us to get there. Check out the Toward Zero Deaths video below.   For more information, please visit:


Infrastructure & Operations Safety

Roadway departure and intersection are the leading contributing factors for fatal and serious injury crashed in Central Louisiana. The Alexandria/Pineville MPO has collaborated with DOTD district office, parish and local government to develop and implement the Infrastructure and Operations action plan.

Crash Data

The Regional Strategic Highway Safety Plan is a data-driven approach to reduce number of crashes on our roadways. To develop strategies and update action plans, the Safety Coalition utilizes safety related data, such as crash reports and analysis tools, such as GIS.

To access compiled Louisiana Crash Reports, visit LACRASH

To access SHSP data for regional coalitions, visit SHSP Reports

To access the National Fatality Analysis Reporting System, visit FARS

Road Safety Assessment

A Road Safety Audit (RSA) is the formal safety performance examination of an existing or future road or intersection by an independent, multidisciplinary team from the 4 Es: engineering, enforcement, EMS and education. It qualitatively estimates and reports on potential road safety issues and identifies opportunities for improvements in safety for all road users.


Interested in become a member of the Central Louisiana RSA team, contact Destiny Kunefke at the Rapides Area Planning Commission.

Local & Rural Road Safety

Of the 32,675 motor vehicle traffic fatalities in 2014 there were 16,710 (51%) that occurred in rural areas, 15,487 (47%) that occurred in urban areas, and 478 (1%) that occurred in unknown areas.

Visit the Local Road Safety Program and the Louisiana Technical Advisory Program for more information.

Download Crash Facts on Rural Road here: Rural Road Safety

Local road agencies often do not have the resources needed to adequately address safety problems on the roads they own and operate. The Louisiana SHSP team provides tools and resources specifically for local and rural road safety.

Occupant Protection

Seat belts save lives and the CenLA Highway Safety Coalition join national and statewide leadership in promoting safety messages on seat belt use, child car seats use and other occupant protection systems.


NHTSA Click It or Ticket Toolkit


Child Passenger Safety


Car Seat by Child's Age and Size. (n.d.). From

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Louisiana Occupant Protection law

Car Seat Safety Tips!

  • Never place a safety seat in the front seat of a car. Regardless of the type of safety seat you use, the front seat is dangerous, especially if your vehicle has air bags.
  • Snugly secure the belt holding the safety seat in the car and the harness holding the child in the safety seat.
  • Make sure your car seat fits properly in your car. Check the vehicle owner’s manual and the safety seat instructions for proper placement procedures.
  • Send in the safety seat registration card. Doing so will keep you informed about any updates or recalls of the product.
  • Destroy a child safety seat if it has been involved in a crash, even if it still looks like it is in good condition. Damage that affects a seat’s ability to withstand another accident is not always visible.
  • Avoid secondhand safety seats. Use a secondhand seat only if it has instructions, the manufacturer’s date and model number on it, and has never been in a crash.
  • Never use an expired safety seat. The life of a car safety seat is about six years.

What are the Laws?

For more information Please visit Louisiana Highway Safety Commission website.

Impaired Driving

Almost 30% of fatal crashed in Central Louisiana in 2015 involved alcohol. CHSC joins the efforts with national, statewide and local agencies to prevent drunk driving and promote safety messages.

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