Address & Road Assignment

Each house, mobile home, utility, or structure in the unincorporated limits of Rapides Parish must have a valid 911 address, to provide a more efficient and effective emergency response service.  It is your responsibility to affix the assigned number on the structure or nearby, designating the location.  This office updates all other branches of local government to help improve response times and delivery of parcel.


Address assignments are free of charge


The address should be posted in a position that is plainly legible and visible from the street or road fronting the property.  These numbers shall contrast with their background.  Numbers shall be a minimum of 4 inches high with a minimum stroke width of ½ inch.  Where access is by means of a private road and the building address cannot be viewed from the public way, a monument, pole or other sign or means shall be used to identify the structure.


Numbers can be purchased from hardware stores, lumber yards, Wal-Mart and K-Mart Stores, etc.


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Road Name & Road Name Change

  1.     The new name cannot duplicate an existing road name within Rapides Parish.
    1.         For assistance or name availability please call RAPC at 318.487.5401
  2.     The new name must be less than 15 characters.
  3.     All Residents will have to complete a change of address package with the post office if they get home delivery.
  4.     The fee must be paid at time of application submittal.  The fee is refunded if the request is denied ($25 processing fee is deducted).
  5.     A petition of 75% of the property owners on such road is required, demonstrating a majority agreement on the road.  Signatures will be randomly verified.  If one signature is discovered false, the application will be denied.
  6.     The Planning Commission will review the application and make a recommendation of approval or disapproval to the Rapides Parish Police Jury.


  1.     All private roads must access three or more residential structures or unless specifically authorized by RAPC
  2.     The selected name of the private road cannot duplicate and existing road names in Rapides Parish
  3.     All residents on the private road must be addressed on that road for 911 purposes
  4.     A drawing showing the length and width of the private road must be attached to the application
  5.     A $125.00 fee must be submitted with the application
  6.     The staff will review the request and if approval is granted, send a written request to the Public Works Director requesting a sign be placed.


Subdivision Development Documents

Subdivision Development Submission

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Plans are submitted to us from the engineer for approval before the STAR Review date shown. Between the time of Planning Review, and final plat recordings the layouts may be different. The information will not change, but the overall layout may be significantly altered in the real world due to circumstances encountered by the engineer. To counter this problem the final plats are being drawn in our system to reflect the finished or as built subdivision. Also we will be adding a final layout document when they are made available to this website page as further information to help you with what you need.



Revocation of  Public Rights-of-way and/or Servitudes can be requested when no longer needed for public use.


Any revocation by the Rapides Parish Police Jury should be made subject to and in favor of any entity that is providing or will provide electricity, water, gas, sewer, drainage, television, telephone, or similar utility services and that the revocation should include a reservation by the Rapides Parish Police Jury in favor of any such entities to continue to repair, replace and maintain any facilities providing any utility service.


A letter of no objection from the Parish Engineer is required, and RAPC will review the application and make a recommendation to the Police Jury.



Parish Engineer:          Dennis Woodward      318-473-6603

RAPC review:             Blake Powell               318-487-5401, ext. 13



Revocation Application


Revocation Process



Rapides Area Planning Commission

1405 Frank Andrews Boulevard

Alexandria, Louisiana 71303